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Expressive Journeys is providing Mindfulness Classes for individuals and groups, along with Mindfulness and Music Classes for Groups lead by Edie Banker.


Mindfulness Meditation-
A 45-minute class for adolescents and adults.
Take time out to breathe, rest the mind and relax the body during these guided practice sessions. Participants will receive brief teachings on Mindfulness Meditation, followed by sitting medication practice. Following the practice session, participants will have the opportunity to reflect, and ask questions.

Mindfulness, Music and Movement-
A 1 hour small group class for children of all ages and abilities.
Participants will engage in a variety of creative, playful activities involving music, movement and mindfulness. Activities are designed to increase self-awareness, improve coping skills and heighten social-emotional functioning. Ultimately, participants will demonstrate greater resilience and will master skills needed to cope with difficult emotions