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Get Expert Therapy Services Close to Home

Get Expert Therapy Services Close to Home

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Expressive Journeys LLC is a leading music therapy private practice serving Schenectady, Albany & Troy, NY. We provide a variety of services that individuals will love. Children and adults will enjoy playing music in a fun, non-judgmental environment. You’ll love watching your family members learn and grow. The classes at Expressive Journeys are available for individuals ages three and up.

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Details about our services

To help each individual in the most appropriate way, we provide four types of services: individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, music classes, and music lessons. Here are some details about each type of program:

Music Therapy: This program features both individual and group therapy sessions. During music therapy, individuals have opportunities to:

  • Practice greeting others
  • Participate in self-expression activities
  • Engage in motor instrument play experiences
  • Enjoy story song activities
  • Learn to relax their body to prepare for transitions
  • Participate in goodbye experiences

  • Increase social communication skills
  • Increase management skills
  • Increase academic skills
  • Increase physical awareness and movement 
  • Improve cognitive and executive functioning

Music Classes: These programs are designed to give individuals the opportunity to learn to play instruments while working on the following:
  • Increase their social communication skills
  • Increase their management skills
  • Increase their academic skills
  • Increase their physical awareness and movement
  • Improve their cognitive and executive functioning

Music Lessons: These programs are designed to give individuals the opportunity to learn functional basics on an instrument.
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